Kiddies Chronicles: Tasty Chicken

My dear Mstr EB decided all by himself to become a vegetarian! Shortly after turning 18 months, he decided there was nothing cool about ingesting animal protein: fish, chicken, beef, goat meat – he was not interested in any of it! All attempts to convince him these meal items were worthy of being on his plate and going into his mouth had failed. So, you can imagine our surprise when he strongly requested for a piece of chicken last weekend; he not only asked for that one piece, he went on to eat about 4 pieces!

At dinner last night, I heard another request for chicken from the unusual suspect: Mstr EB! I had not included him in my chicken serving calculations as usual, so I did not have a piece to offer him as his request came after we had all cleared our plates and only had pieces of bone left.  Mr B was rather curious about this wave of change, and the following conversation ensued between them:

Mr B: “Do you like chicken now?”

Mstr EB: “Yes!”

Mr B: “Interesting. Why didn’t you like chicken before?”

Mstr EB: “Erm… I didn’t like chicken before because it was not tasty.”


Mstr EB: “I only like delicious chicken.”

Lobatan!  Who says little people do not appreciate good things? He he… But wait o, is this young man trying to say my cooking used to be crappy??? Hian!!!

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6 thoughts on “Kiddies Chronicles: Tasty Chicken

  1. Kids do say the darndest things!

    I have come to realise though that with food, are on a constant palate-discovery expedition.

    My little man who I would go out of my way to buy expensive grapes for, suddenly decided he hated them and loves carrots instead (which he previously “hated”).

    This only after I discovered a pack of them growing mouldy in the fridge!

    Go figure.

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