Relationship with Self & Others: Gratitude | #‎7DaysOfGratitudeChallenge‬ | Day 2

The ‪#‎7DaysOfGratitudeChallenge is an internet-based “movement” that encourages us to take a moment each day for 7 days to identify and write 3 things we are grateful for.

Thank you Ms. Butler for your big heart and for “adopting” me when I landed in your beautiful city where I knew no one 10 years ago, and providing me a base from which I could find my feet.

Thank you Mr. Weaver for believing in the young woman who showed up in your office that day 9 years ago seeking an opportunity to be productive, and providing introductions and a path that was the spring-board I needed to make my mark and reach the levels I have since reached.

I am grateful for all the teachers and mentors I have had in the guise of bosses and colleagues; every moment working and relating with these individuals taught me valuable lessons that significantly boosted my life skills toolkit.





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