Relationship with Self & Others: Gratitude | #‎7DaysOfGratitudeChallenge‬ | Day 2

The ‪#‎7DaysOfGratitudeChallenge is an internet-based “movement” that encourages us to take a moment each day for 7 days to identify and write 3 things we are grateful for.

Thank you Ms. Butler for your big heart and for “adopting” me when I landed in your beautiful city where I knew no one 10 years ago, and providing me a base from which I could find my feet.

Thank you Mr. Weaver for believing in the young woman who showed up in your office that day 9 years ago seeking an opportunity to be productive, and providing introductions and a path that was the spring-board I needed to make my mark and reach the levels I have since reached.

I am grateful for all the teachers and mentors I have had in the guise of bosses and colleagues; every moment working and relating with these individuals taught me valuable lessons that significantly boosted my life skills toolkit.





Relationship with Self & Others: Gratitude | #‎7DaysOfGratitudeChallenge‬ | Day 1


The ‪#‎7DaysOfGratitudeChallenge is an internet-based “movement” that encourages us to take a moment each day for 7 days to identify and write 3 things we are grateful for.

I am most grateful for the family I was blessed to be born into, the extremely dedicated and deliberate upbringing process that was the optimal combination of firmness and fairness, the challenges and mental conditioning I was fortunate to have gone through – some of which I was intentionally exposed to, some of which were simply a rite of passage through the corridors of life, all of which have culminated into the all-round well-balanced person I have become: an asset to my parents, an asset to my husband, an asset to my children, an asset to a lot of individuals across the globe, and a liability to only a handful – if any, he he.

I am grateful for good health: mine, my husband’s, my children’s, my parents’, my in-laws’, my extended family’s.  It’s quite easy to forget about the wonderful design of the machine we carry around everyday – our body, until a component starts to complain and requires attention.  I am grateful that those component-complaints are few and far in between for us, and none of us has any condition that is beyond our ability to handle.

I am utterly grateful to have met, become friends with, remained friends with, got married to, become parents with, and continue to be friends with one of the most decent and few truly good men – my best friend, Mr. B.  Our journey started in our teens, and as we have each evolved as we have grown in life experiences and wisdom, I am most grateful that each evolved self has remained special and true to the other.