Relationship with Strangers: Chivalry is not Dead

It’s Valentine’s Day!  Well, it still is on the west coast of the United States and in Hawaii :-).  That special day when some parts of the world go ga-ga with romance and splashes of red :-).  When people go out of their way to be kind and generous towards the one that makes their heart sing, hopefully not just for that one day… and hopefully a kind thought and gesture for all who cross their paths.

Speaking of kind gestures, we were beneficiaries recently.  A few weeks ago, we were at the 1004 Estates to visit family friends.  For those familiar with the 1004 Estates, parking spots for visitors are scarce commodities, especially on a Sunday evening.  We crawled the car slowly searching for a free spot to squeeze ourselves in without being a nuisance to anyone else.  After about ten minutes, we found an available, but tight, spot.  As I proceeded to maneuver the car, Mr. B alighted from the vehicle to provide guidance so I wouldn’t destroy any property — ours or the estates’ :-).

1004 Estates

Maneuvering into this spot required me to move the car at a right angle (anyone remember their mathematics trigonometry :-)) to the row of parking spots allocated to the residents; one of those parking spots was vacant at the time.  The owner of this vacant spot (Vacant-Spot Owner) returned before I could successfully get our car in proper position, so I drove away to make room for him get into his spot, and then resume my gymnastics.  Through the rear view mirror, I could see a conversation had ensued between Vacant-Spot Owner and Mr. B; I muttered to myself “abi this guy dey vex ni (could he be upset)?  He should hurry up and park his car jo.”

A few moments later, I saw Mr. B walking up to us and Vacant-Spot Owner driving away. I expected to hear Mr. B tell us how Vacant-Spot Owner had complained about us potentially blocking his spot and how Mr. B had convinced him his wife would do a good job of ensuring that wouldn’t happen (Mr. B’s wife is a very decent driver :-D).

Me: “Ki l’o sele (what happened)?”

Mr. B: “He said we can park in his spot.”

Me: “Ehn?”

Mr. B: “He said he can find somewhere else to park, so we can park in his spot.”

Me: “Wow!  Interesting…  So, chivalry is not dead after all.”

I was amazed!  I really cannot remember the last time I was the recipient of such an effortless but extremely touching gesture.  I swiftly fitted our car into the spot, before Vacant-Spot Owner could change his mind, hee hee.  We relayed the story to our hosts and we all concurred that was a really nice gesture.  The amazement quotient inched up a few notches when they saw the actual spot we had been allowed to park in, because, according to them, it is one of the prime spots!

It felt good to know there’s still zero-agenda good in the world (right here in Lasgidi!), and the experience gingered me up to make more of an effort to make life a tad bit easier for others whenever I can afford to.

So, what amazing kind gesture have you done for a complete stranger lately?  What amazing gesture has a complete stranger done for you lately?

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” —Steve MaraboliLife, the Truth, and Being Free


6 thoughts on “Relationship with Strangers: Chivalry is not Dead

  1. What’s Lasgidi? From the context, seems it’s another word for Lagos:-) Great article and lovely picture of 1004 too. Well said. Chivalry is not dead! Each of us has at least 365 opportunities to show how alive it is every year! The beautiful thing about chivalry is that it comes with an intrinsic gift. The whole val commercialism makes me want to rave and rant!!


    1. Yes, Lasgidi is one of the city of Lagos’ nicknames (more detail when you follow link in the article). Everything seems to be going commercial these days… Maybe a future rant :-)?


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