Relationship with Self: Regular Health Checks

Starting in 2010, Mr. B and I have visited Me Cure once a year to go through our health fitness tests.  Based on our physical appearances, we are the epitome of tip-top physical health.  However, each year, our test results have consistently indicated that our LDL (bad cholesterol) levels are high.  What is the importance of this reading you may ask?  Well, an individual with a high LDL level is well on the path towards potentially having a heart attack!  Unfortunately, high LDL levels do not exhibit any obvious symptoms, unless a stroke or heart attack are considered symptoms.  The only sustainable way to reverse these numbers is to equip oneself with knowledge about and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Regular health checks are extremely important; just as we send our machinery and equipment to the specialists (or get the specialists to come to them) every so often to have them checked out and tuned up and pimped and primed as necessary, we also need to the same thing for our bodies — our most important “piece of machinery.” From our eyes, to our teeth, skin, lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, and all those other internal organs and systems that we don’t get to see, it’s important that we make time for a specialist(s) to carry out maintenance checks to confirm that all is in tip-top shape, or alert when things no longer seem quite right.

“To be forewarned is to be forearmed” the English man says; it is also said that “a stitch in time saves nine.”  The earlier one becomes aware of a problem, the higher the likelihood that problem would be prevented / fixed.  A lot of significant health problems like heart issues, major organ failure, cancer, do not exhibit obvious symptoms until it is too late.  Some say it’s too expensive; while I agree that quality basic health care is out of the reach of many in our society, the cost of the alternative is way higher than can be imagined.

In case you’re wondering why I appear to be a health care industry advocate all of a sudden, it’s because, apart from being aware of our own risk factor and our conscious and continuous efforts to reverse it:

  • there appear to be increasing cases of seemingly healthy people who just “slumped and died.”
  • the ages of people I know who are succumbing to / surviving cancer seems to be getting younger and younger (or am I the one who’s getting older… hmmm).
  • the fourth of February each year has been designated World Cancer Day, and this year’s edition was marked three days ago, hence there’s been a lot of talk in the media about cancer myths (this year’s World Cancer Day theme), as well as how early detection is the best chance at being cured.

I hope that after reading this, you my dear reader will — if you haven’t already done so — go make an appointment to have yourself checked out from head to toe, and make it a regularly occurring event so that any potential issues are nipped before they mature into problems.

So, have you got any stories of how a health check saved you, a loved one, or some random person you happen to know?

Ps: Neither me nor any member of my family has any stake in Me Cure Healthcare Limited, apart from some of us being happy customers :-).


3 thoughts on “Relationship with Self: Regular Health Checks

  1. This brings to mind the late Komla Dumor. I don’t know the details of his health situation before he had the heart attack, but it sure made me think!


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