Relationship with Self: Who Am I?

I’ve had the idea for this blog for about 18 months, although only came up with the title about a week ago.  Before I delve into what the blog is about, and why it is named “Relationships, Rants & Raves”,  let me spend some time introducing myself.>

I am Mrs B, a middle-aged (oh my, I’m getting old!) young-at-heart non-income-earning wife  to Mr B and mother of two adorable munchkins: 31-month-old Mstr Energiser Bunny and 12-month-old Miss Adorable Bun.  The popular description of my employment status is “Stay-At-Home-Mum” (SAHM), but that gives the inaccurate impression that I have the luxury of being home all or most of the day.  Hence, my choice of “Non-Explicit-Income-Earner” (NEIE).  This is because even though I have a rather large portfolio — Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Head of Admin, Human Resources & Logistics, Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer, Project Manager, Nurse, Dietician, Kids’ Chauffer and TLC Provider, all of the ATB Household — my compensation is mostly in the forms of broad smiles (some filled with teeth, some toothless), kisses, hugs, and, ehem, other non-financial things :-).  I am down-to-earth, a straight-talker, an unapologetic Naija Tiger mum, a devoted wife, and a lover of life.

Even though I am devoting this stage of my life to my family and my hobbies, my professional background is in IT, operations research, finance, and economics.  I also think myself a decent writer :-), and I find stories and lessons in life’s simple occurrences. This blog is going to be my medium to share my experiences and observations, and every article would be about a relationship (like this one), a rant, or a rave.  Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

So, how would you describe yourself?  Who are you? Look forward to “meeting” you via your comments :-).


35 thoughts on “Relationship with Self: Who Am I?

  1. Hei Mrs B bring it on. Looking forward to reading it. Will be me guilty pleasure for the day,instead of my reg ice cream. Lots if love and a big hug


  2. nice reading more about you! i see we have a few things in common. My masters was in operations research 🙂 got an IT background and a writer as well.
    I work from home now around my two little active ones 🙂
    Look forward to reading more.


  3. It is amazing how we humans can so distinctively describe others, but our own selves. The mind-buggling question of “who are you?” Most ingenerally is greeted with a stuttering, thought-filled response or a straight out-right answer, “I don’t know” (well, for those who wanna be sincere.) Its amazing I’m reading this now, because, I’m on a journey of self-discovery. Experiences in life lead you on this life-long journey, because the truth is you keep unfolding to yourself, as the years go by;this is probably because The Creator has deposited part of Himself in each and everyone of us and it is our life-long responsibility to discover what it is…. For @d end of our days, He’s gonna require some ‘account balancing’ (if I may) from us.
    This is a wonderful medium of expression you’ve provided, Mrs. B…. Its an honour to know u! Keep ’em coming! Thumbs up!


  4. I am Mama ZRD and I have the same occupational status, SAHM. The way you have described the details of our job makes me smile.

    I look forward to reading about relationships, rants and raves.

    Bring it in Mrs B!

    loads of love x


  5. Mrs. B! Awesome! Who am I? Everyday (and I literally mean Everyday!) I learn and relearn something new about myself. So, even though I’m 30+ I still really do not know who I really am! But I love life, laughter and the beautiful things that money can buy! Big kisses to the munchkins! And I can’t wait to read more from you!


  6. Mrs. B! Nice nice nice. I do look forward to hearing all the raves! and rants! and a blog is truly a great medium to express. I like the NEIE title, it is so true! Keep writing !


  7. Looking forward to the journey of RRR. Lovely title by the way. We mummies always enjoy an avenue to discuss, in some cases rant. Lol! Well done Bash!


  8. Nice take on unpaid family work which does not get reflected in the national accounts. Like the NEIE! Mrs B. you do write very well – easy to read and quite edutaining. Will definitely keep reading the raves and rants. Ciao!


  9. Hi Mrs. B 🙂
    I thought I should actually introduce myself because you seem to be enjoying my various blogs, and was pleasantly surprised to see a tweet of my content in your Twitter feed. Thanks so much!

    I had to laugh, when I got a load of all your invented qualifications. It’s very true, Stay at home moms don’t get half as much credit as they deserve. Although arguably your pay is substantially more gratifying.

    As for me, I’m just your average techie/geek/nerd who happens to love writing. In many ways, my compensation in this area is a lot like yours. I smile when I get a like, make connections when I get a comment, and celebrate when I discover a new follower. 😀

    So thanks for stopping by my blogs when you do. I hope I can continue to write content that you enjoy.


    1. Hi Damola, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving more than a few lines, really appreciate it.

      You’re right, we have similar compensation packages :-); they are not invented qualifications by the way, very genuine stuff :-D.

      Keep up with your postings, and hope I can keep you coming back here too.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Dear Bash, Remembering your energy and enthusiasm I am surprised to know that you’re a SAHM now, but I guess that job consumes just as much or perhaps even more energy! I love your writing style, your language is beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks much Yulia! Really appreciate the kind words 🙂
      And yes, I’m still busy chasing all kinds of things on a daily basis, just not corporate drama or office protocols 🙂


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