Relationship with Self: Who Am I?

I’ve had the idea for this blog for about 18 months, although only came up with the title about a week ago.  Before I delve into what the blog is about, and why it is named “Relationships, Rants & Raves”,  let me spend some time introducing myself.>

I am Mrs B, a middle-aged (oh my, I’m getting old!) young-at-heart non-income-earning wife  to Mr B and mother of two adorable munchkins: 31-month-old Mstr Energiser Bunny and 12-month-old Miss Adorable Bun.  The popular description of my employment status is “Stay-At-Home-Mum” (SAHM), but that gives the inaccurate impression that I have the luxury of being home all or most of the day.  Hence, my choice of “Non-Explicit-Income-Earner” (NEIE).  This is because even though I have a rather large portfolio — Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Head of Admin, Human Resources & Logistics, Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer, Project Manager, Nurse, Dietician, Kids’ Chauffer and TLC Provider, all of the ATB Household — my compensation is mostly in the forms of broad smiles (some filled with teeth, some toothless), kisses, hugs, and, ehem, other non-financial things :-).  I am down-to-earth, a straight-talker, an unapologetic Naija Tiger mum, a devoted wife, and a lover of life.

Even though I am devoting this stage of my life to my family and my hobbies, my professional background is in IT, operations research, finance, and economics.  I also think myself a decent writer :-), and I find stories and lessons in life’s simple occurrences. This blog is going to be my medium to share my experiences and observations, and every article would be about a relationship (like this one), a rant, or a rave.  Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

So, how would you describe yourself?  Who are you? Look forward to “meeting” you via your comments :-).